Xbox Emulator - List and Review 2013

A Full 360 View on Xbox Emulators

Having different type of game consoles this day can be messy, plus it costs a lot. But don't worry if you have your own personal computer or a laptop, then you are good to go. These days emulators can be found all over the internet, the popular psxe emulator for playstation or the highly functional psx2 for playstation 2. Today we will highlight the emulators used for xbox. But always remember that you need a working ISO or an Image file for the game. This article will guide you on the widely used xbox emulator and the problems concerning it, especially the BIOS. But as of this time there are no proven emulator that supports all xbox games.

Most popular xbox emulators


1. Cxbx- Cxbx is not actually an emulator, but it converts an xbox game to a window executable file. Impossible? I think not, xbox is a game console produced by Microsoft, using a modified x86 hardware thus making it highly possible to convert it into an exe file. Cxbx is considered the most advance "xbox emulator" at the moment, there are two types of this cxbc, the standard and the trace build. Standard build is what we recommend for you to download while the trace build comes with some information useful for the developers. And best of all It is actually FREE.

How to use CXBX

· Download the latest version of Cxbx and install it in your laptop/PC.
· Download an ISO or an Image file of the xbox game you can also use the xbox game and load it on you optical drive.
· Start Cxbx. Go to Settings and Click Config Controller modifies it the way that suits you. You can do this by clicking on one of the button on the configuration controller and click a character on your keyboard.
· Once this is done, you have to go to XBE, browse your game location. Wait for the game to load and press the Emulation after, and voila you're game will start.

2. Xeon- The very first xbox emulator that allows you to play an xbox game. But be sure to have the NTSC format of Halo if you want to play it on this emulator, but I warn you, it will not play the way you expect it. Do not expect all games to work on an emulator. Be sure to have an INI file since xeon is requiring a separate INI file for a game to run on this xbox emulator. Sad to say that it looks like that this emulator is a dead project. No update has been made for quite a long time.

How to Use Xeon

Xeon Emulator

· You need the .xbe file found on your game cd and you are good to go. At the moment Xeon only plays the NTSC format of Halo.

3. Dxbx-Dxbx has got to be the most up to date emulator for Xbox. But sadly both the producer of this emulator decided to stop on developing the project. The latest version of this emulator was created last 2010. 
But I would have to remind each and everyone of you that there is no proven Emulator to work on all of the xbox games. Unilke other console games, it seems that a perfect emulator for xbox is hard to find.

And this brings us to the latest emulator that we found and this one is actually developed to allow you to run Xbox 360 games on the PC .

How to use Xbox 360 Emulator

Xbox 360 Emulator

This is quite new software that was released early this year.
-It can be downloaded from official developer website at and you can read more about it there and see which version is the most current one.
-After you download it Run and load the BIOS file
-Choose if you want to run it from DVD or as an Image , i say go with image
-Then you can fiddle with all the settings and everything, its not hard
Make sure you set all the graphics options for you card but xbox 360 emulator can also load the best default settings as well.

This is a video tutorial on how to use this emulator and to see it in action :

Xbox 360 Emulator for PC - Download and Tutorial from PatrickD. on Vimeo.

There are many similar projects being developed and if you interested in Nintendo consoles , for example 3DS you can check out the , it mainly talks about development of 3DS emulator and its modifications.